Happy Birthday Gemini Sale!

Let’s celebrate the Sun moving into the sign of Gemini, the most communicative and curious sign of the Zodiac, with a Gemini-birthdays sale! Exclusively for readings for those born between May 17th-June 24th (the Gemini Sun signs and those on the cusps),  get 25% off your Nurture Astrology 30-minute custom-crafted Just-Essentials reading!

Curious? Here’s the scoop…
You can only get this reading for a Gemini Sun sign (or cusp), whether you’re treating yourself, or your Gemini loved one, to a Nurture Astrology Birthday Gift.
If you are getting it for a loved one, send me their birthday information, and name, and I’ll e-mail you a Gift Certificate with their name on it.

To qualify for the  sale price, You have to pay for the reading during the sale period- May 17th-June 24th 2017 (Paypal or E-transfer),but  you can book/use it up to a month after (until July 24th, 2017).

You get to choose between a Birth-chart reading (the Every-birthday-all-your-life reading – strongly recommended for new clients!) or This-Birthday-specific reading.
Then you pick the length: get the Just-Essentials-length (30-45min) reading for 25% off…
OR do you upgrade to $30 off the Full-Analysis (70-90min) readings, and really get the best value?

You can choose to do your reading via Skype, phone, or custom-written report.
A few other options for in-person readings and cash-payments may be available upon special request.

Now, Click to Book your reading by contacting Bella Now.
Use Sale code: HappybdayGemini as your subject.

All other sun signs, please stay tuned for your very own birthday sales!
Happy transits from Nurture Astrology!