Disclaimer: Nurture Astrology readings go DEEP, addressing what’s at the root, heart and soul of you and your situations! If you’re looking for a shallowly entertaining experience (or a fatalistic prognostic one), these readings aren’t for you!

Custom Personal Reading

Dive deep into all you’ve wanted to clarify about what most concerns you, with this personal custom-analyzed 2 hour online reading, that’s here to support, enlighten and celebrate YOU!

Let’s address your curiosities, resolve your anxieties, and celebrate the unique path you’re on.

You should order this Versatile reading to discuss:

~ Life-long themes and fulfillment needs.

~ Questions and changes regarding your career path

~ The unique dynamics of your love life 

~ Current decision-making concerns

~ Healing and growth needs

~ Guidance, clarity and support during challenging times

~ Predictive looks at & advice regarding future life themes

~ What's inherited from the past, & best approaches to use, heal & resolve it.

~ Parenting concerns, and guidance to better understand your child

~ Other areas of interest (please inquire) 

You receive 2 hours of dedicated time, in which your chosen area of interest gets opened to you with fresh new perspectives, offering you the life-long gifts of invaluable self-knowledge, confidence, empowering clarity, key confirmations, and grounded practical advice on how to meet the experience in ways which serve you best.

Whether you want a thorough exploration of one of the above, or more of an overview of the many facets of your birth-chart ; life-long, or a stressful current decision, I’m here for you for all of it!

The 2 hour recording gets e-mailed to your inbox, and is yours to keep, share and listen to as often as desired. (Many clients listen monthly, and glean new insights each time.)

$333 CDN

(There's also a new option: book by the hour, at $170 per hour, 
starting at 1 hour, and going up to 3.
This can accomodate shorter or longer quarries. & various budgets. 
An average full reading lasts 2.5 hours.)

Contact Bella to request a reading!
(And/or, Pay it forward! …
Want to support someone in financial difficulty, to get the clarifying support they need, when they need it most?
Order a PAY IT FORWARD reading, to be put to good use for the next person who inquires about a reading, but cannot afford one. You’ll get a Thank You E-mail, telling you whom you’ve helped to support, once your gift has been claimed, and you get to be part of why someone feels nurtured into their best potentials!)


This reading is great for answering a short question on most topics; perfect for when you want a glance at some area of your life, or just want to know what’s at the root of your current issue, or quick but poignant bit of advice.
(20 min – One question per reading).

$66 CDN

Contact Bella to request a reading!

Bite-size Reading

When you want a peak at what your astrology chart has to say about you; one quick detail of it, explained in Nurture Astrology’s supportive, clarifying style, this reading is what you want.
Perfect for clarifying a quick point, and/or introducing you to a new way of understanding a key factor in your birth-chart.
(10 min- One detail per reading.) 


Gift Certificates *

Would you like to give the gift of insight to a loved one?
Nurture Astrology Gift Certificates are available for any reading type and length, at same price; either in hard-copy on beautiful card-stock, or as a customized E-graphic.
Please contact Bella, to order one.

*Gift cards are good for 6 months from the date of issue. By special request, this can be extended to 1 year.

Prices and services subject to change without notice.