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No, there is NO 13th sign of the zodiac. Here’s why:

There is no 13th sign of the zodiac, because Western Astrology is not even dependent on the constellations. Silly rumor, debunked!
There is no 13th sign of the zodiac, because Western Astrology is not even dependent on the constellations. Silly rumor, debunked!

I’d like to address the recycled rumor that astrology is somehow out of sync, and/or has a 13th sign within it- there are many articles out there claiming as such. And they are all operating under some serious misconceptions.

Here’s what they all miss:  Western Tropical Astrology (the one most references of astrology refer to, unless stated otherwise, or you’re in India, China or maybe Ireland) is a branch which is synchronized to the Solstices and Equinoxes, which, as you may have noticed, alter each year (according to our stubborn modern calendar system) to correspond with the actual cycles of day/night/seasons/Earth-Sun rotation, and honoring the subconscious patterning which can be observed/linked with the progress of the seasons.

This branch of Astrology is not dependent in any way on the Sun’s journey through the constellations for which the signs are named.
In fact, the signs of the zodiac have nothing practical to do with the constellations themselves, save for having names which correspond to them (this has to do with their once being aligned with the seasons in a specific manner, drawing inspiration for naming the symbol). This misunderstanding is what seems to be behind the odd hype of the “misalignment” and “13th sign” newsflash (which gets recycled in the media every few years, since the rise of the internet. Seems they’re out of creative article ideas?!)

The branches of Astrology which DO use the constellations, such as sidereal/Vedic Astrology, are much more rare in the West, and have been keenly aware of, and continuously adjusting for, this shift for centuries (though somehow it has been “newly discovered by science” pretty recently?! Hmm… )
Western Astrology (the kind most of you reading this know) is then actually based on the archetypal nature and characteristics of the seasons on planet Earth (particularly in the west, hence, “Western” Astrology), rather than constellations “out there” – being offspring of Nature the same way birds or trees are, we too are synced up to the seasons in our own, vastly complex ways.

And though the seasons are shifting with global warming, and vary depending on where you live, the general cycle of life remains as it is, and the collective unconscious has thousands of years’ worth of seasonal imprints, from which to draw archetypes and relate personalities to.

And there is no call for a 13th sign, within this archetypal progression.

Hope this brought a little clarity to the subject. 😉
Happy transits, folks!