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Mars moves into Scorpio- behold the inner momentum!

Mars in Scorpio, image by free to share without modification!
Mars moves into Scorpio, and the waiting-game is over. Time to act on what really matters to you. Follow your heart’s passion now, and transform or remove all that stands in your way!

Whether you’ve been following the Astrological current events of the past months or not, most of us have been aware of a sense of underlying frustration to these past 8 months, while Mars, planet of willpower-in-action, was making an unusually long track through Libra, a sign it rarely felt comfortable within.
These past months have been an important, if not always satisfying, period of reflection, weighing options, learning to “play nice” (even/especially under stress), and channel our energy into acting in balance, with tact and consideration. All vitally important to learn…
but not so satisfying if you just… wanna… get… on… with it!

Well, now we can!
On 10:24p.m. last night (EDT),  the symbol of willpower-in-action slipped silently into the sign of Scorpio, and it’s full-steam-ahead from hereon-in!
Mars feels right at home in Scorpio, in which it inspires us to stop weighing the options and walking on eggshells, and finally act on our passions, whatever those are, and transform or remove all that’s in our way.

With Neptune lending its’ slowly-intensifying support to the mix, dissolving the barriers to what we want shouldn’t be so hard, if still probably quite intense- although if we’re the type to ignore the call of that inner passion, while it’s shouting its’ not-always-convenient, but very vital truths, we might just manifest some problems with this combo- Mars in Scorpio acts from the inside-out, and as Carl Jung’s famous quote goes…

Call it fate Carl Jung
…which is my way of saying, if you don’t heed your inner voice, and dare to start making the changes it asks of you, it will act on you, through seemingly external events and people, sparking you off until you just can’t ignore that a change must be made.
Not the most nurturing of choices. 😉
The nurturing choice in this case, is to let change happen, starting within. Take a careful look at what’s been on your mind, and the attitudes you’re holding about it, and see if an attitude adjustment might serve you.

With the Sun and Jupiter challenging this shift, what’s happening on the main stage might be an easy distraction from the passionate call for change behind the scenes- it’s an easy time to get caught up in entertainment, fun, romance, or your kids’ cry for attention- but remember, your kids, lovers, and everyone else around you are also feeling this one, and the difference between distraction from what really matters, and motivation towards it, is in your choice, or failure, to make it center stage!

Happy transits, folks!