Frequently Asked questions

What makes Nurture Astrology readings uniquely special?

When we sit down to a reading together, we'll have a friendly chat which is always  relevant, down-to-Earth, uplifting, validating, and easy to understand (no matter your knowledge of Astrology, or lack thereof).

Readings offered here are always delivered with your free-will choices in mind; you get a clarifying look at the themes at play, but you also get a good idea of your options in dealing with them, and how your choices and attitudes affect things, so that you're empowered to make the most out of each experience, and can be a more conscious participant in your own life.
We look at how what we're talking about applies in grounded ways, with practical, applicable perspectives and suggestions.
You also get suggestions infused with Law-of-Attraction understanding, Jungian psychology, and a compassionate approach to support you through this deep-dive into yourself and your life.

How long does each reading type take?

Nurture Astrology readings are technically categorized by amount/ depth of details, which is why readings are not strictly timed and often generously offer you more.
On average,
Full-Analysis readings last around 120min
Just-Essentials readings last 60min
Mini-readings last 20min

What format are readings offered in?

After a thorough analysis, your reading gets audio recorded, and E-mailed to you in either .wma , or .mp3 format. Usually you receive it within a week of sending payment, though in some cases, if schedule is busy, it may take longer.

By special request, a limited number of in-real-time sessions are available (via Skype, Zoom, or phone).
Counseling special packages will all include several in-real-time sessions.

I don't know my exact birth time, can I still get a reading with you?

Yes you can, if you have a guesstimated one; while an accurate birth-time is an important part of creating an Astrology chart and getting the most detailed analysis, most readings can be done with a birth time estimated to at least 20min, without losing too much of the juicy stuff.
In a few cases it does become problematic though, which is where we have another solution..

If you have a guesstimated birth-time narrowed down to at least a few hours, you can get a special service I offer, called Birth-time rectification, which works as a dialogue, where we Astrologically narrow down your birth-time to the minute. You can order it as a pre-reading add-on (with a 1-hour or less time guesstimate), or separate appointment (1-4 hours time guesstimate). Please contact me about pricing and specifics if you'd like to do a rectification.

I want to gift a Nurture Astrology reading to a loved one. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, I do, right here.
(They can also be bought in-person, at events etc.)

I want a reading remotely/as a written report, Do you offer that?

Yes. All Nurture Astrology readings are offered via Skype, or E-mailed custom-written report, so you can get a Nurture Astrology reading from anywhere there is internet.

Readings in Ontario, Canada can also be done via phone, and, a limited number of in-person readings are also available by special request, in Toronto/ North York, Ontario.

What payment methods do you accept?
E-transfer, or Paypal (through it, you can use any major credit or  debit cards).

Do you offer couples' readings?

Only for couples already committed to each other and to their personal growth. Couples readings done at Nurture Astrology go very in-depth, using 3-4 different charts, and discuss the challenges as well as the unique compatibility between them.
In order to work with this information successfully, in an empowering way, both people need to be present and willing to put the information to good use to aid their relationship, just like any couple's counseling session - but without necessarily any obvious "issues" to work out.
Contact Bella to discuss booking couples' readings.

I had a reading from another astrologer before; would I still benefit from a Nurture Astrology reading?

Definitely. First, think of it like a doctor check-up or therapy session: you may have had one before, but you aren't a static person, and new questions and issues arise in life that you might want some support with, or a closer look at, whether you looked at them with another Astrologer before, or not.
Secondly, sometimes even with Doctors, you want a second opinion, or a specialist, or you just wanna switch because your old Doc might have a style that doesn't work well with you anymore.
All the same reasoning applies for an Astrologer. There are great Astrologers out there, but there are also those that scare their clients, offer unethical, judgmental or dis-empowering interpretations, or don't have the counseling skills or empathy needed to deliver difficult information in a way that'd help more than it can harm. It's important to find one that's right for you.
No matter what your experience had been with another Astrologer, or how long ago, a Nurture Astrology reading can still be very helpful to you.

What's the difference between a Nurture Astrology reading, and those computer-generated reports I can get more cheaply from other Astrology websites?

Imagine you walked into a bakery, wanting a chocolate chip cookie, and when you ordered one, they handed you a bag of flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate chips etc.
You'd say "Wait, this doesn't look or taste like the cookie I want! Some of these things are raw, and don't taste right together!"
That's what the computer generated Astrology reports are like.
You get the raw, disjointed ingredients, and are left to scratch your head over them.
At Nurture Astrology, I "bake the cookie to perfection" for you, with years of study & practice to do it right, and, like a 5-star pastry chef, I add in my very own  "secret ingredient" tools of the trade to give it something you can't get anywhere else.

How long have you been offering readings?

I began studying Astrology in 1999, and started offering Astrology readings professionally in 2008.

Where is Nurture Astrology based?

Nurture Astrology doesn't have a physical office, as readings are  offered remotely via Skype or Phone. Bella currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and may be able to offer some by-special-request in-person readings there.

Do you offer Chinese or Vedic Astrology readings?

Nurture Astrology specializes in in-depth Western Astrology, honoring the best that system has to offer, without attempting to import other systems of thought and analysis into it. Believe me when I say, you will find Western Astrology very rich and in-depth, all on its' own.

Have other questions not covered here?
Please contact me about them.