7 ways to ground happily into Taurus season

Taurus seasonIts Taurus season! In many parts of the world, spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming, and it's time to relish in what this season is all about.
And that means Astrologically too!
Here are some ways to make the most of Taurus energy, during this season, and at any other time:

1. Delight your pallet
Take the time to really taste your food, & fill your diet with things that delight as well as nourish.

2. Get back to nature
Go for a walk in a park, go for a hike, or camping, visit some place where you can just sit and enjoy the sunset; really look around to admire this beautiful time of year.

3. Reconnect with music
Turn up some beautiful tunes, and really listen- and maybe even sing along or dance to them.
If you're a musician of any level, dust off that instrument and have a little jam (or even a big one!)- this is both a great time for singing some cherished oldies (Taurus likes the familiar and classic), or even write something new which celebrates where you're at these days (the Jupiter in Leo these days will sure help with creative self-expression!)

4. Get tactile
Wear or wrap yourself in some soft, luxurious fabrics. Take a bubble bath. Get a massage! (or ask your lover for one, and see where it leads?!)
Taurus is a sensualist. During this season, why not let yourself be one too?!

5. Expand on your valuable skills
We all have talents aren't utilizing; something you make or offer, which can become an extra revenue of spending cash, if you just took a few more steps? Taurus knows its' skills are valuable, and that it is deserving of stability and abundance. Whether it's opening up an Etsy account to sell your crafts, or a Facebook page for your talent or skill, or finding a little store to sell things on commission, Taurus would find a way to allow others to value their skills, and let prosperity come out of the transaction.
Not feeling quite ready for that? start small- give your crafts or skills as gifts, and let yourself be appreciated for them. And maybe even ask for a testimonial. 😉

6. Honor traditions
Whether you have family ones, ancestral ones, religious ones, or just a "Friday night drinks with a friend" kinda tradition, lean on what is solid and stable for you, and find security in what you have already established. Taurus likes the established sense of order and purpose, and is well-served by knowing what they can rely on to always be there. You can be served by focusing on that a bit more too.

7. Realize your worth
You're an incredible, valuable human being with so much to offer the world.
How often do you stop and really think about that? can you own your inherent worthiness? That's the first step to having others appreciate you more, too. So start within, meditate on how worthy you are, and then go ahead and allow others to appreciate you more- ask for that raise you know you deserve, request to be taken out by your sweetie etc. Or, just take yourself out, because you're worth it!

Happy transits!

About the Author:
Bella V. Vid has been practicing Astrology since 1999. She specializes in one-on-one counseling, with a clarifying, supportive and empowering tone to all she offers.
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Happy Solstice/Capricorn season!

Do your heart's-work, the rest sill follow!

Do your heart's-work, the rest will follow!

Happy Solstice, and a very happy birthday to all you Capricorns!
A new Moon in early Capricorn, at 8:35p.m. EST tonight, brings about a clarified sense of what we are willing to commit and work towards, especially in the realms of creative expression of our beings, from the artistic to the inner-child (and/or literal children) to the romantic.
On the darkest night of the year, sow seeds of light, and tend to them with your commitment and dedication, and you shall have your heart's-work blooming.

Uranus going direct just a few hours ago should make it easier to hear your inner voice and claim your independence, perhaps despite, or through, power struggles and old values which don't fit you as they once did. Holiday-season turmoil notwithstanding, cultivate your inner truth and heart's work,  and don't overextend yourself on that which does not nurture you.

Happy Solstice!


Disruptive truths and Uranus

house of cardsA house of cards is, by its' nature, likely to tumble down at the slightest breeze. The firmer the structure, the more solid, the less threatened it is by change or challenge, or truth. Deeper insight is only threatening to those who's lives are built on personal insincerity- a compromise of soul-integrity will always erupt from the psyche at one point or another, shaking houses of cards to the ground.
Astrologically, it's a Uranus thing- the impulse for personal integrity will simply not be ignored without severe consequences to our soul. Thus, Uranus- the voice of inner truth- is labeled the shit-disturber. And those expressing this archetype, are blamed as the breeze would be. Blindly. Dismissively.
It can hurt. It can frighten.
But not as much as it would hurt and scare to be living a house-of-cards life, and have your own inner voice threaten it at every turn.
Heed the Uranus impulse, the inner truth trying to get your attention. The blame is not on the planet, or on the disruptive circumstances it's known for. There is no blame to be had at all- the only one responsible for living our truth, or pushing it under to have it resurface, is us.
Living from truth tends to be easier in the long-run. Not to mention more meaningful.
Just a thought.


The Mars transit and the cycle of life


In order for the vital parts of us to bloom into being, the old must be shed to make room for it. What parts of the past are you ready to release? don't fight it!

In order for the vital parts of us to bloom into being, the old must be shed to make room for it. What parts of the past are you ready to release? don't fight it!

Holy unfurling, like the petals of a rose opening to the sun; like the dying and crumbling of old leaves, to make room for the bright and fresh new growth of life. There is no newness without the shedding of the old. There is no growth without decay. 
In this time of Mars' long-awaited streak through its' home-sign of Scorpio (which we have another 3 weeks of) , that truly is the focus which serves us all the most: what needs to die & transform in your life, so that your most vital self can keep on living, growing, unfurling in the direction you are most served to move towards?
With Mars' challenge of Venus in Leo, the desire to be seen for our creative and brilliant selves, to be adored, romanced, wined-n-dined, and otherwise to truly enjoy ourselves and our sense of being alive is undeniable, and though it can feel like this need to look over our shoulder and deal with the old, sad, deep and crumbly parts of self are getting in the way of it, it truly is a case of sloughing away old skin to reveal the inner glow. Creative catharsis, and artistic simplicity, may just be your best friends these days.
With Mars fusing with solid core Saturn right now, we are all also served by commitment to that which truly, deeply matters to us (and identifying what that is, which Mars should make it easier to note lately, bringing it in your face if you've been avoiding it)- find the thing that puts the sparkle in your eye and the passion for life in your heart, have at it, and remove all that's in your way!
Let things go. Let old ego habits, old possessions, old attitudes, old excuses, old toxic relationships, old thoughts that dis-serve you fall away, as gracefully as you can, these days. Make room for the new. Make room for that in you which is most vital and alive, and prepare to be filled up by it, as you surely would with an attitude like that!
Happy transits!


Uranus: the psychological “eject” button…

Uranus eject buttonThat little psychological "eject" button we got, commonly symbolized by Uranus, is one of the most useful tools in our whole arsenal!
Nothing is quite as sensitively committed to the detection of broken records. Nothing guards us from lying to ourselves quite as fiercely as that Uranus-function does.
In the determination to live a truly authentic life, as we define it, we ourselves pull the threadbare rugs from under our feet. Comfort and habit, at some point in time, must give way to that urge to be REAL, so when you realize you're playing an internal broken record, make friends with Uranus, take a deep breath, say yes to change, and press "eject".
Happy transits!


No, there is NO 13th sign of the zodiac. Here’s why:

There is no 13th sign of the zodiac, because Western Astrology is not even dependent on the constellations. Silly rumor, debunked!

There is no 13th sign of the zodiac, because Western Astrology is not even dependent on the constellations. Silly rumor, debunked!

I'd like to address the recycled rumor that astrology is somehow out of sync, and/or has a 13th sign within it- there are many articles out there claiming as such. And they are all operating under some serious misconceptions.

Here's what they all miss:  Western Tropical Astrology (the one most references of astrology refer to, unless stated otherwise, or you're in India, China or maybe Ireland) is a branch which is synchronized to the Solstices and Equinoxes, which, as you may have noticed, alter each year (according to our stubborn modern calendar system) to correspond with the actual cycles of day/night/seasons/Earth-Sun rotation, and honoring the subconscious patterning which can be observed/linked with the progress of the seasons.

This branch of Astrology is not dependent in any way on the Sun's journey through the constellations for which the signs are named.
In fact, the signs of the zodiac have nothing practical to do with the constellations themselves, save for having names which correspond to them (this has to do with their once being aligned with the seasons in a specific manner, drawing inspiration for naming the symbol). This misunderstanding is what seems to be behind the odd hype of the "misalignment" and "13th sign" newsflash (which gets recycled in the media every few years, since the rise of the internet. Seems they're out of creative article ideas?!)

The branches of Astrology which DO use the constellations, such as sidereal/Vedic Astrology, are much more rare in the West, and have been keenly aware of, and continuously adjusting for, this shift for centuries (though somehow it has been "newly discovered by science" pretty recently?! Hmm... )
Western Astrology (the kind most of you reading this know) is then actually based on the archetypal nature and characteristics of the seasons on planet Earth (particularly in the west, hence, "Western" Astrology), rather than constellations "out there" - being offspring of Nature the same way birds or trees are, we too are synced up to the seasons in our own, vastly complex ways.

And though the seasons are shifting with global warming, and vary depending on where you live, the general cycle of life remains as it is, and the collective unconscious has thousands of years' worth of seasonal imprints, from which to draw archetypes and relate personalities to.

And there is no call for a 13th sign, within this archetypal progression.

Hope this brought a little clarity to the subject. 😉
Happy transits, folks!


Mars moves into Scorpio- behold the inner momentum!

Mars in Scorpio, image by NurtureAstrology.com- free to share without modification!

Mars moves into Scorpio, and the waiting-game is over. Time to act on what really matters to you. Follow your heart's passion now, and transform or remove all that stands in your way!

Whether you've been following the Astrological current events of the past months or not, most of us have been aware of a sense of underlying frustration to these past 8 months, while Mars, planet of willpower-in-action, was making an unusually long track through Libra, a sign it rarely felt comfortable within.
These past months have been an important, if not always satisfying, period of reflection, weighing options, learning to "play nice" (even/especially under stress), and channel our energy into acting in balance, with tact and consideration. All vitally important to learn...
but not so satisfying if you just... wanna... get... on... with it!

Well, now we can!
On 10:24p.m. last night (EDT),  the symbol of willpower-in-action slipped silently into the sign of Scorpio, and it's full-steam-ahead from hereon-in!
Mars feels right at home in Scorpio, in which it inspires us to stop weighing the options and walking on eggshells, and finally act on our passions, whatever those are, and transform or remove all that's in our way. Continue reading

The current Saturn/Uranus dance…

Saturn d Uranus rxWith Saturn finally turning direct last Sunday afternoon, followed closely by Uranus going retrograde on Monday, it really looks like it's time for all of us to clarify our visions from the core of our beings, to make sure all that we're building is coming from the centered space within; our inner truth, and nothing less.
All around me, I see all manner of glitches and cold-feet-syndromes, frustration and concern, and this feels like it's at the core of all that.
It's a re-attunement to the inner voice. Are you listening?


Mercury Retrograde s̶u̶r̶v̶i̶v̶a̶l THRIVAL Guide

Mercury Rx bulbAhh, the Mercury Retrograde, a topsy-turvy time often given a bad name, viewed with annoyance and trepidation by anyone stuck in traffic, or experiencing “unexpected” technical difficulties with their communication tools. :-p But really, a Mercury Retrograde isn’t so bad. It’s just a little misunderstood.  To help you make the best of this period, I’ve come up with a quick guide to get you though with a smile.       1- Rushing won’t work. Accept that. In a society built around moving ahead, accomplishment and a “time is money” mentality, it’s no wonder that a period of reflection isn’t always wholly welcomed. But that period is here, review is needed, and either way it ain’t over before it’s over, so you might as well work with it. Who knows, you might just have some fun along the way. 😉 Either way, give yourself extra time now. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Set your alarm clocks early.
  • Leave well ahead of time.
  • Have a plan B for transportation ideas.
  • Give yourself time to think about things carefully before you speak or act on important stuff.
  • If you’re writing anything during this time (e-mails, reports, essays or whatnot), write a first draft (and SAVE IT, often), and give yourself time to RE-READ the final copy before you send it off into the world.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to act upon any new ideas; let them ripen in your mind first.
2- Use a review time to catch up on things, and (surprise surprise) review! Ironically enough, a Mercury Retrograde, and all it entails, is an important part of a productive lifestyle.  You know all that stuff you’ve had piling up for a while, which you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t had the time. This is the time. Get to it! During a Mercury Retrograde, stuff that WILL flow is the stuff that didn’t flow well before! Now’s the time to…
  • Answer unanswered e-mails
  • De-clutter your inbox or mail bin, and sort other piles of papers gathering dust.
  • Have talks which you’ve been putting off.
  • Write essays or reports which you’ve procrastinated.
  • Read books, reports, e-mails etc. which you’ve put off till later.
  • Catch up with old friends, especially if you’ve wondered for a while how they are.
  • Take a trip you’ve rain-checked.
  • Study (as in, review what you’ve learned), especially if you’re enrolled in any formal education.
  • Ponder whatever’s been on your mind lately. You might see new angles you’ve never noticed till now.
  • If you’ve failed an exam before, now’s the time to try taking it again!
  • Consider your ways of thinking and speaking, and if they’re really working for you. Let go of old ideas that don’t work for you, drop negative or disempowering self-talk, and think about how to speak your truth, and understand/be understood better by others.
  • Try meditating—either to quiet your mind or to explore it more, whatever works for you.
See how this is about trying it again, not trying something you’ve never done? that’s an important difference right now. 3- If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it. If it needs upgrading, upgrade it. If it seems to break, don’t throw it out yet…   One thing about the Mercury Retrograde period which can seem tricky is the technological issues which are more common than usual during this time. Sadly, there’s no trick that can safeguard you against strange cellphone reception signals (or lack thereof), or an unexpected flat tire, but, the above rules of thumb are good to consider during this time. Basically…
  • If you don’t need to get your new Cellphone, car or bike right now, then don’t. Postpone till afterwards. Mercury retrogrades are on average about 3 weeks long. Not the end of the world. Use this time to compare prices and research differences between models.  Pick it out afterwards. This also applies to the period BEFORE a Mercury retrograde—2 weeks ahead or so, things can already start to get wonky. This is not a rule, but it is an observable astrological trend. Why risk it if you don’t have to?!
  • If a vehicle or communication device has been awaiting an upgrade for a while, this is the time when it’s more likely to “remind” you that such an upgrade is really needed. Don’t fight it—it needs upgrading anyway, and if it’s just not functioning how you’d like right now, you might as well…
  • If such a device or vehicle DOES break, especially if it’s one of those mysterious “it just won’t work” scenarios, don’t throw it out just yet. Give it up to a month after the Mercury retrograde has passed, and then check it again. You’d be surprised how sometimes these things just “fix themselves” afterwards. Strange, but, true story! Same goes for similarly uncharacteristic malfunctions—if it doesn’t need immediate replacing and you can live without it or borrow  a replacement until about a month after the Rx ends, try that. Sometimes it literally seems to “fix itself”. Go figure.
Of course, like everything else in the intricate system of astrology, how exactly each Mercury retrograde affects you personally can only be figured out by studying your personal chart, but this should be a great general guide for just about anyone during the 60 or so days of the year when the winged messenger planet demands reviewing of its’ themes. Those most likely to be strongly affected during any such period, are people with Virgo or Gemini rising, and/or other strong emphasis in those signs. In many cases, strong emphasis in your 3rd astrological house will do it too. Either way, remember that any time is only as good or as bad as you make it. Hope reading this helped you make it a good one. Happy transits, folks. © Bella V. Vid NurtureAstrology.com https://www.facebook.com/NurtureAstrology You're welcome to share and distribute this article however it feels right to. To keep the integrity of it intact, please link it back to NurtureAstrology.com About the Author: Bella V. Vid has been practicing Astrology for over 16 years. She specializes in one-on-one counseling, with a clarifying, supportive, enriching and empowering tone to all she offers. To book a private reading with her, please connect via the Contact Page.