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Nurturing your best potentials, is what Nurture Astrology exists to do.

We are synchronized with the universe, yet are not controlled by it. We are forever free to make our own choices; & the more you understand the choices in front of you, and what the unique being that you are wants out of them, the more likely you are to choose best for yourself, in any given situation.

Nurture Astrology celebrates your individuality and the power of your choices,
working with you to support, clarify & offer perspective on your experiences of self and life
(and your kiddos’, if you’re getting a parenting reading).

Nurture Astrology readings serve you to…

~ Enrich your understanding of your uniqueness

~ Explore needs, strengths and challenges in a supportive way

~ Clarify illusive personal context, goals, and purpose, in both life-long and current ways.

~ Learn to view your life’s themes from an enlightening broader perspective.

~ Receive practical, applicable suggestions on how to approach & overcome your challenges, and make the most of things.

~ Validate your unique experiences by seeing them reflected in the planetary cycles, without giving away your power of choice to them.

~ Redefine the personal stories and frustrations which keep you stuck.

~ Understand Astrology’s wisdom even if you don’t know anything about it.

About Bella

A self-professed “Astro-Geek”, Bella has been gathering expertise in Western Astrology since 1999, weaving together the wisdom of Humanistic, Evolutionary, Free-will and Psychological branches of modern Astrology, as well as that of renowned metaphysical teachers, & her own unique gifts of linguistic expression, intuition and empathy.

I’ve always been an inspiration-agent and advocate for positive world change, & quickly realized that better stewardship of the Earth & humanity, begins with better stewardship of our own individual lives. That is what drew me to counseling- the desire to support people on their journey, making for more fulfilled human beings, which collectively make up a more consciously run world.

I found myself constantly using Astrology to deepen my understanding of my own life, and those around me, and experienced so much validation, mind-blowing “Aha!” moments, and a feeling of tremendous support every time I did; it made each experience easier to handle- almost like a chance to study ahead, for the  challenges of life; when things occurred, I was more ready, more surefooted, and more clear on what was was really happening, and why and what I needed to do about it.

Always grateful for having found and mastered such a brilliant, multi-purpose tool, I wanted to share it to serve and counsel others. That’s how Nurture Astrology was eventually born.”

After practicing astrological counseling part-time for 6 years, Bella founded Nurture Astrology in 2014, devoting it to helping people “nurture their best potential”.

She is a member of Astrology Toronto Inc., and The Organization for Professional Astrology, as well as numerous other Astrology groups.

Apart from practicing Astrology, Bella is also a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Multi-media Artisan/D.I.Y. fiend (Organic natural Body-Care, Vegan Chocolate, Crystal jewelry, Tea-blending, you name it!), Law-Of-Attraction practitioner, aspiring novelist & poetess.
She enjoys ecstatic dance, Women’s- empowerment gatherings, spending time in nature, and partakes in social & environmental advocacy initiatives.

Bella’s media appearances include …

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