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12 things about life I learned in my 12 years as an Astrologer

1. Everyone is a truly unique individual. Yes, EVERYONE! Your personality is intricately wired in complex and fascinating ways, that your birth-chart shows clear as day. You might not make sense to some people, but you, as a being, definitely make sense! It’s pretty amazing!

2. Everyone has potential, but not everyone chooses to meet it. There’s the blueprint, shown in the patterns of your chart, and there’s what you choose to do with it- and that’s a very wide spectrum of choices. Your choices are the key which unlocks the best of you.

3. Everything is figure-out-able. No matter the situation, understanding it and what it’s about makes it easier. There’s always something you can do to smooth the way, proscribed right within the planetary patterns of the situation; you’d be surprised how often it’s an attitude shift that does the trick.

4. You’re probably underestimating your own strengths! Everyone has innate talents and strengths, which are easy to overlook because they come so easily, but are plain as day to a good Astrologer. Many people are sitting on a goldmine, undervaluing what they’ve got.

5. Every conflict is, at heart, a personality conflict. Disharmonious traits, symbolized by planets locked together in battle, at war within. But that conflict shows up in our external lives, and we waste time and effort trying to deal with it out there, while we can only really find resolution within. Once the internal issue shifts, and the planetary personality conflict mediated, the outer ones follow much more smoothly!

6. There is nothing that is totally good or totally bad– whether we love it or hate it, everything serves a purpose. You just have to learn to use it right, in accord with the higher purpose Astrology points out it holds. It’s when we can’t see the purpose, that we judge and struggle with things the most.

7. Your life purpose doesn’t look like what you think it looks like. It’s as much about who you’re here to be, as it is about what you’re here to do; It’s less about your career, as it is about making it to your death-bed with no regrets.

8. You will go through many cycles and phases. Everything does. It’s Astrology’s purpose, to study their timing and meaning. If you know what life cycle you’re dealing with, what it’s asking of you, teaching you, and what step you’re on within the process, life becomes a whole lot easier.

9. Relational “chemistry”, is everywhere, not just in attraction. We have it with each person, city, country, business, and life event we deal with. Each is unique and purposeful. Each, impacted by free will of all involved. Each, can studied in all its’ complexity, in Astrology’s relational branch- Synastry. And each can be improved (ongoingly, or as closure), by better understanding its’ many intricacies.

10. Life “pauses”, are absolutely necessary. The issue is that we live in a society that has convinced us to value accomplishment and progress, while undervaluing the need to assimilate, review, release and rest. Ironic truth is, that being clear and well-rested saves us time and energy we would have otherwise wasted, doubling back later. That’s the vital purpose of Retrogrades, so don’t be hating on ’em.

11. Indecision can be caused by many factors… key missing info, self-doubt, need for support, perspective, subtle timing issues, values we need to factor in, intuition that we’re only half-hearing. Each with subtle Astrological patterns to point them out. It’s rarely a question of pushing through; when we address the relevant factors beneath, our choices become clear.

12. Arguing with life, costs us highly… in health, in peace, in success and in happiness. There’s often so much we can do, working with what’s showing up in the planetary patterns, but we can only own our power to affect things deeply, when we’re not wasting it on stubbornly pushing, trying to control the uncontrollable. Knowing which is which, really is golden!

It’s easy to list these things out after 12 years of seeing it, with each and every client (and myself!), day in day out.
The challenge is, to remember them when it counts most:
~ when the struggle is now,
~ when we’re spinning in anxiety,
~ when there’s self-doubt,
~ when we’re stuck in indecision,
~ when we’re having trouble accessing our power.
That’s when a reading can serve you the most!
Invest in the support that guides you to back to yourself- to confirmation, empowerment, and the wisdom of your intuition, when you want and need it most!
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