Happy Solstice/Capricorn season!

Do your heart's-work, the rest sill follow!

Do your heart's-work, the rest will follow!

Happy Solstice, and a very happy birthday to all you Capricorns!
A new Moon in early Capricorn, at 8:35p.m. EST tonight, brings about a clarified sense of what we are willing to commit and work towards, especially in the realms of creative expression of our beings, from the artistic to the inner-child (and/or literal children) to the romantic.
On the darkest night of the year, sow seeds of light, and tend to them with your commitment and dedication, and you shall have your heart's-work blooming.

Uranus going direct just a few hours ago should make it easier to hear your inner voice and claim your independence, perhaps despite, or through, power struggles and old values which don't fit you as they once did. Holiday-season turmoil notwithstanding, cultivate your inner truth and heart's work,  and don't overextend yourself on that which does not nurture you.

Happy Solstice!


Disruptive truths and Uranus

house of cardsA house of cards is, by its' nature, likely to tumble down at the slightest breeze. The firmer the structure, the more solid, the less threatened it is by change or challenge, or truth. Deeper insight is only threatening to those who's lives are built on personal insincerity- a compromise of soul-integrity will always erupt from the psyche at one point or another, shaking houses of cards to the ground.
Astrologically, it's a Uranus thing- the impulse for personal integrity will simply not be ignored without severe consequences to our soul. Thus, Uranus- the voice of inner truth- is labeled the shit-disturber. And those expressing this archetype, are blamed as the breeze would be. Blindly. Dismissively.
It can hurt. It can frighten.
But not as much as it would hurt and scare to be living a house-of-cards life, and have your own inner voice threaten it at every turn.
Heed the Uranus impulse, the inner truth trying to get your attention. The blame is not on the planet, or on the disruptive circumstances it's known for. There is no blame to be had at all- the only one responsible for living our truth, or pushing it under to have it resurface, is us.
Living from truth tends to be easier in the long-run. Not to mention more meaningful.
Just a thought.


Uranus: the psychological “eject” button…

Uranus eject buttonThat little psychological "eject" button we got, commonly symbolized by Uranus, is one of the most useful tools in our whole arsenal!
Nothing is quite as sensitively committed to the detection of broken records. Nothing guards us from lying to ourselves quite as fiercely as that Uranus-function does.
In the determination to live a truly authentic life, as we define it, we ourselves pull the threadbare rugs from under our feet. Comfort and habit, at some point in time, must give way to that urge to be REAL, so when you realize you're playing an internal broken record, make friends with Uranus, take a deep breath, say yes to change, and press "eject".
Happy transits!


The current Saturn/Uranus dance…

Saturn d Uranus rxWith Saturn finally turning direct last Sunday afternoon, followed closely by Uranus going retrograde on Monday, it really looks like it's time for all of us to clarify our visions from the core of our beings, to make sure all that we're building is coming from the centered space within; our inner truth, and nothing less.
All around me, I see all manner of glitches and cold-feet-syndromes, frustration and concern, and this feels like it's at the core of all that.
It's a re-attunement to the inner voice. Are you listening?