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7 ways to ground happily into Taurus season

Its Taurus season! In many parts of the world, spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming, and it’s time to relish in what this season is all about. And that means Astrologically too! Here are some ways to make the most of Taurus energy, during this season, and at any other time: 1. Delight your […]

Happy Solstice/Capricorn season!

Happy Solstice, and a very happy birthday to all you Capricorns! A new Moon in early Capricorn, at 8:35p.m. EST tonight, brings about a clarified sense of what we are willing to commit and work towards, especially in the realms of creative expression of our beings, from the artistic to the inner-child (and/or literal children) […]

Disruptive truths and Uranus

A house of cards is, by its’ nature, likely to tumble down at the slightest breeze. The firmer the structure, the more solid, the less threatened it is by change or challenge, or truth. Deeper insight is only threatening to those who’s lives are built on personal insincerity- a compromise of soul-integrity will always erupt […]

With Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces this week, the true value is reaped by those who commit to the details of working on their vision, rather than escaping into fantasy from work they don’t love. Find what you love, and the “work” to create it becomes the pleasure. Save

The Mars transit and the cycle of life

  Holy unfurling, like the petals of a rose opening to the sun; like the dying and crumbling of old leaves, to make room for the bright and fresh new growth of life. There is no newness without the shedding of the old. There is no growth without decay.  In this time of Mars’ long-awaited […]

Uranus: the psychological “eject” button…

That little psychological “eject” button we got, commonly symbolized by Uranus, is one of the most useful tools in our whole arsenal! Nothing is quite as sensitively committed to the detection of broken records. Nothing guards us from lying to ourselves quite as fiercely as that Uranus-function does. In the determination to live a truly […]

No, there is NO 13th sign of the zodiac. Here’s why:

I’d like to address the recycled rumor that astrology is somehow out of sync, and/or has a 13th sign within it- there are many articles out there claiming as such. And they are all operating under some serious misconceptions. Here’s what they all miss:  Western Tropical Astrology (the one most references of astrology refer to, […]

Mars moves into Scorpio- behold the inner momentum!

Whether you’ve been following the Astrological current events of the past months or not, most of us have been aware of a sense of underlying frustration to these past 8 months, while Mars, planet of willpower-in-action, was making an unusually long track through Libra, a sign it rarely felt comfortable within. These past months have […]

The current Saturn/Uranus dance…

With Saturn finally turning direct last Sunday afternoon, followed closely by Uranus going retrograde on Monday, it really looks like it’s time for all of us to clarify our visions from the core of our beings, to make sure all that we’re building is coming from the centered space within; our inner truth, and nothing […]

Mercury Retrograde s̶u̶r̶v̶i̶v̶a̶l THRIVAL Guide

Ahh, the Mercury Retrograde, a topsy-turvy time often given a bad name, viewed with annoyance and trepidation by anyone stuck in traffic, or experiencing “unexpected” technical difficulties with their communication tools. :-p But really, a Mercury Retrograde isn’t so bad. It’s just a little misunderstood.  To help you make the best of this period, I’ve […]